English as Second Language (ESL) Providers, Part 3

ESL Providers 1Several unexpected connections occurred from our ESL provider gathering.  After the meeting, our information was forwarded to several other organizations that wanted to be included in the ESL resource we were putting together.  These were three contacts that were unable to attend the meeting.  However, they were eager to be included in the provider resource guide.


Hopes and Dreams for North 24th Street

North 24th Street 3I had an opportunity to plan and facilitate a lunch meeting to discuss a North 24th Street Walking Tour sponsored by the Charles B. Washington Branch on January 29th.  After sending out Google Calendar invitations and getting a good response, I expected 25 people to attend.  Only 12 showed up.  Two more people came after the meeting ended so I had a lot of food left over.  I did not send out a “reminder” email as I figured we were adults.  If we say we are going to do something or be somewhere, we do something or are somewhere. Right?  Wrong. More

English as Second Language (ESL) Providers, Part 2

ESL Providers 1Suzan Jank and Laurie Hajek-Jones created a resources list for English as Second Language (ESL) providers during their research on Pilot Project 1.  Their list focuses on where classes are offered in the Omaha area.  More

Accepting Gifts

Everything is an OfferWe recently completed two days of facilitator training which involved some intense, messy, and difficult work.  Training continues to be invigorating and draining at the same time.  Since we’ll be going back for more training in a few weeks, I’d like to reflect on how facilitator training has changed me in ways I didn’t expect.


Music Education

Music Education 2Purpose Statement:
Access to music education is transformative. Youth involved in music cultivate crucial skills, fulfill their creative potential, and grow into complete persons. Unfortunately, barriers to musical exploration are high, especially as beginning students face steep instrument costs and school music budgets fall. This project will unite music educators and students to reduce these barriers to access, especially at the upper elementary and middle school level when students are most likely to explore instrumental music. More

Refugees and Public Transportation

Refugees and Public Transportation 2Purpose Statement: Refugees in our community may face challenges while navigating Omaha’s public transportation system.  Raising awareness may lead to changes in public transportation, orientation for refugees, and increased knowledge of Omaha’s public transportation system.

Goal: We will convene a community discussion to explore the issue of public transportation for refugees in Omaha.  We hope that this exploratory discussion might develop connections between city services, Metro Transit, representatives of the refugee population, refugee community leaders, refugee service organizations, and others. More

Lone Tree Foods

Lone Tree Foods 2Purpose

The local community can benefit from innovative food movements by harnessing collaboration between local food producers and buyers.

Goal Statement

Facilitate the first part of a Lone Tree Foods meeting to understand their hopes and aspirations for how food is grown and eaten in the local community.  Create collaborations and connections among the Lone Tree Foods members so they can become a stronger community organization. More

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