Omaha Public Library Staff Day Agenda

Omaha Public Library Staff Day Agenda

19 April 2013

Theme – Community Engagement via OPL’s IMLS Grant

Staff Day 2013 – Photos


Staff Day 2013 – Suzan

Staff Day 2013 embraced the word “engagement.”   The morning presentations by the Southern Sudan Community Association and the Latino Center of the Midlands exposed the Omaha Public Library staff to the possibilities of what we might do to better serve and engage our community. More

Staff Day 2013 – Deirdre

As an introvert, Staff Day leaves me feeling both ambiguous and conflicted.  I always feel the day’s energy from interacting with others. The activities this year, especially the final facilitation exercise, raised my day’s energy level.  But I also feel drained and headachy from interacting with others.  I expect these conflicting feelings to continue as I embark on more of this facilitation journey.  The ideas and energy will exhilarate me followed by emotional drainage and headaches.  I know the headache will pass so I try to focus on the ideas and energy. More