Staff Day 2013 – Deirdre

As an introvert, Staff Day leaves me feeling both ambiguous and conflicted.  I always feel the day’s energy from interacting with others. The activities this year, especially the final facilitation exercise, raised my day’s energy level.  But I also feel drained and headachy from interacting with others.  I expect these conflicting feelings to continue as I embark on more of this facilitation journey.  The ideas and energy will exhilarate me followed by emotional drainage and headaches.  I know the headache will pass so I try to focus on the ideas and energy.

A big impression I have from Staff Day is how Cheryl Gould was able to work with a large group.  She often had us interact in paired intimate conversations in a room with nearly 170 people!  We often got out of our seats to find someone different to talk to.  It was someone we didn’t know before or maybe just someone we hadn’t talked to that day.  We also sat, talked, and worked with people at our table, people who were familiar, and people we had relationships with.

The mix of activities, from ice breakers to serious conversations to large group reporting, was great.  We did a lot of different things and covered a lot of areas.  The pacing and activities, with breaks as needed, moved us along.  I was surprised at how quickly the day went.

Sharing & Celebrating Success was a great activity.  I don’t know if the information was captured or recorded but I hope so. Wish there was a way to do this more often.  It was valuable to hear how all different people worked together to make things work for the Central High students.  It was also valuable to hear about the support for Claude with his recent losses.

Random thoughts:

  • Is learning how to whistle a part of facilitator training?
  • Several times when we were in pairs or small groups I glanced around the room and noticed that people seemed to have chosen someone of a similar height.
  • Transportation is a major issue!  Who knew?
  • I finished knitting the dishcloth I have been working for far too long.

Posted by Deirdre Routt, Facilitator-in-Training

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