Staff Day 2013 – Suzan

Staff Day 2013 embraced the word “engagement.”   The morning presentations by the Southern Sudan Community Association and the Latino Center of the Midlands exposed the Omaha Public Library staff to the possibilities of what we might do to better serve and engage our community.

Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford, consultants, provided a variety of small group exercises to help the staff mingle and share ideas, feelings, and hopes while providing training in better listening, connecting with others, and summation.  In the afternoon Cheryl again led us in small group exercises to analyze what the Omaha Public Library is currently doing and how the many programs and services we offer fit into the Strategic Plan.  Valuable insights and questions about our services, staff, and time were explored and shared with the entire group.  While the exercises were designed to teach and provide specific skills, they also were fun, especially Magic Toaster and Mirroring. Now more aware of the IMLS grant, many staff members did respond with interest to being trained as facilitators in the coming months.

The entire staff had a satisfying and enjoyable day. The Scott Conference Center’s excellent facilities are always wonderful.  A well balanced, delicious breakfast and lunch, topped off with outstanding desserts and snacks, was a highlight for many.  Thank you to the Friends of the Omaha Public Library and event planners for a great day.

Posted by Suzan Jank, Facilitator-in-Training

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