What Counts Gets Measured: Part 2

Measure 2Since breaking our program statistic categories into Program, Outreach, and Community Engagement in January 2013, we’ve encountered a few situations where numbers are double-counted.  These situations have included staff members from different branches working with a community partner; branch staff working on a system-wide event; and staff from different locations attending/participating/working a community event.  After much discussion, the following decisions were made about reporting numbers for a more accurate count.

Our system-wide staff will enter the numbers into LibPAS for all system-wide events.  If a branch staff member is the liaison for a system-wide event, he or she will report the event numbers to the following people:

Micki Dietrich – Adult Outreach Specialist
Jody duRand – Partnership Manager
Julie Humphrey – Youth and Family Services Manager
Amy Mather – Adult Services Manager
Linda Trout – Community Outreach Manager

LibPAS captures only the total numbers for each month.  Branch staff will want to keep more detailed worksheets of their monthly activities.  The worksheets on the shared drives should be used to hold this level of detail.

Communication is the key to accurate statistics reporting in LibPAS.  When an event is being planned, please be clear about who is responsible for capturing the data for LibPAS at the end of the month.  Once that decision is made, communicate that decision often and widely across the library system.  We want to share our work and results with everyone.


LibPAS System-Wide Date Input Screen


LibPAS Millard Branch Data Input Screen

Posted by Theresa Jehlik, Project Manager

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