Recycling in Omaha, Part 2 – Observer Notes

Recycling 1The facilitators did an excellent job of introducing themselves and the project. They described the meeting’s purpose, goals, and guidelines and made all the participants feel welcome and safe. Everyone was encouraged to share from the introductions through the end of the meeting.

The six attendees were all VERY knowledgeable professionals and activists involved with recycling efforts in various capacities. The group included individuals from several recycling businesses, a non-profit organization, a government agency, and grassroots organizations. The facilitators did a great job of guiding the conversation on various issues and concerns in the large group. They also broke the participants into smaller groups for further discussion.

The session produced new networking connections, information sharing, and action items. These action items were pursuing a waste-cap directory, creating a materials exchange database, adding more recycling sites, and collaborating with agencies such as Keep Nebraska Beautiful. Other agencies would also be additional resources for Omaha recycling efforts.

The group seemed very enthusiastic to meet again and continue the discussion. This was a very well planned, conducted, and productive meeting. My only feedback would be that a little more attention be paid to describing the possible “next steps” for the group. The facilitators did describe some follow-up actions that the Omaha Public Library would initiate in the next week or two.

I did briefly share some feedback/observations with the group at the end. I told them how impressed I was with the content and exchanges during the meeting. I also told them that the Omaha Public Library community engagement project would include more opportunities for continuing collaboration. Future collaboration would include actual community projects and initiatives beyond the “conversation” stage. I encouraged this group to continue getting together as they seemed an excellent fit.

Posted by R.K. Piper, Community Partner

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