Aging in Place Conversation, Part 2 – Observer Notes

Aging at Home 1The facilitators did an excellent job of introducing themselves and the project.   They described the meeting’s purpose, goals, and guidelines and made all the participants feel welcome and safe. Everyone was encouraged to share from the introductions through the end of the meeting.

This group’s facilitation was the most impressive of all on a number of fronts. The facilitators did a superlative job with a considerably larger group (8 or 9 participants) of knowledgeable professionals and advocates. There were many more issues with a high degree of complexity. Micki Dietrich and Megan Klein-Hewett demonstrated great skill in organizing a huge amount of information and possible action areas.

Megan and Micki documented the following issues. Many of these same issues are the same for refugees and the poor in general.

  • Transportation
  • Isolation
  • Finances
  • Lack of support from family and friends
  • Technology difficulties
  • Lack of resources and knowing where to go for assistance
  • Food and other simple, basic needs
  • Home safety

After a lively discussion, the group wanted the following resources address aging issues.

  • Volunteers
  • Hands-on-engagement with the elderly
  • Collaborations with other agencies who don’t usually deal with the elderly
  • Political support
  • Sustainable, powerful partnerships
  • Concrete resources such as building materials for ramps and rails
  • Tangible funds for real needs
  • As much importance placed on elders as children
  • One-stop shopping for all needs
  • A seniors’ hotline

Once again, the facilitators did a GREAT job in all phases. They guided a very productive meeting with a lot of participants. Potential for this group includes continuing involvement and moving ahead with highly complex issues and action items.

Posted by R.K. Piper, Community Partner

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