The FIT Team Impact on My Life

Conflict ResolutionParticipation in the FIT Team has impacted my life in unanticipated ways.  This experience provided benefits for my navigation of the world.  When this project began, the number one most terrifying thing was the possibility of conflict resolution during facilitation.  I’ve shied away from conflict as long as I can remember.  I just want everyone to be happy, healthy, and respectful to each other all the time.  This should be an easy thing, right?  Just thinking I might hurt someone’s feelings, pride, and/or cause offense can be nearly unbearable.  While the FIT Team experience equipped me with tools to defuse a touchy situation, it also taught me to just be okay with conflict.  Although conflict doesn’t conveniently evaporate away by ignoring it (I knew that before but didn’t really operate that way), working your way through contention often leads to an innovative problem-solving approach.  These experiences helped me be brave while navigating conflict between others.  I also am more confident when voicing opinions that I suspect might not be popular.  I now appreciate the value of dissention.

This ties in nicely with the “everything is a gift” concept.  It really is!  I don’t want to be too sentimental but my universe view is that things really do transpire as they are supposed to – even completely unpleasant things.  Although I keep reminding myself to be continually present, to suspend judgment, and to view everything as an offer, it isn’t easy.  However it’s a completely worthwhile challenge.  The Applied Improv principles (which were completely new to me) can make me happier, saner, and a truly better human being.  I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn how to use them.

Posted by Anna Wilcoxon, Facilitator-in-Training

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