What Counts Gets Measured: 2015 Results

Measure 2The Omaha Public Library had 7,966 program, outreach, and community engagement events with a total attendance of 274,070 in 2015.  The total average attendance for all events was 34.  If you break down total average attendance by audience, the results are 26 for adults, 11 for young adults and 65 for children.  If you further break down the total average attendance by event type and audience, the numbers are smaller for adult programs and children’s programs and outreach.  However, the numbers are larger for adult outreach and community engagement, all teen events, and children’s community engagement.

All programs reached fewer people per event than either outreach or community engagement events.  Outreach has the highest attendance at children’s events.  Community engagement has the highest attendance at young adult events.  Children’s and Young Adult events captured the largest audience share in 2015.  74% of total event attendance was at these events – 63% for Children and 11% for Young Adult.

Figure 1.  2015 Average Attendance by Audience and Event Type

Community engagement events were highest for Adults (61%) and lowest for Young Adults (9%).  Program attendance share was 79% for Children, 13% for Adults, and 8% for Young Adults.  Outreach attendance was highest for Children (66%) while Young Adults and Adults were the same (17%).

2015 Figure 2

Figure 2.  2015 Event Attendance Percentages by Audience

The percentages are very revealing when you compare events against attendance.  64% of adult events (2643) were programs which attracted 21% (14,701) of the total attendance.  Community engagement events were 18% (488) of the adult event total and captured 56% (39,444) of the total adult attendance.  Young Adult Programs were 68% (663) of the total events and captured 29% (9,029) of the total young adult attendance.  70% of the children’s events were programs which attracted 52% (89,777) of the total children’s attendance.  Outreach was 29% (1,121) of the total children’s events and captured 37% (63,400) of the total children’s attendance.

2015 Figure 3

Figure 3.  2015 Total Event Percentages by Audience and Attendance 

Posted by Theresa Jehlik, Project Director



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