Getting People in the Room

People in the Room

The most difficult part of each pilot project was getting people in the room for a conversation.

The teams learned very quickly that setting a date and sending email invitations yielded very poor results.  Much more time and effort was put into the second and third projects to get people in the room.  Making phone calls, contacting suggested leads, asking for suggested participants, polling invitees for a meeting date, and timely email reminders generated better results.  The chart below shows that the percentage of attendees vs. invitations was 39% in Pilot Project 1, 48% in Pilot Project 2, and 45% in Pilot Project 3.  As Colby Basham, 311 Citizen Services Director for the City of Elgin, Illinois, noted, “80% of the effort for any public meeting is getting people in the room.”  [Innovative City Panel, Technological Innovations for Public Service Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 18 April 2015].

People in the Room Chart


Posted by Theresa Jehlik, Project Manager

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