I Carry Blue Painter’s Tape in My Bag

Blue Painter's TapeHow has the FIT Team experience helped you in your personal and professional life?

Ah, let me count the ways.


First, the ground rules had great influence in my life.  Second, I made some incredible personal connections through this experience.  Third, I learned things that have been useful in all aspects of my life.  Fourth, I connected with my kids through the games and activities we have done.

I previously wrote a few posts about how the ground rules became part of my personal life.  The one that has had, and continues to have, the most impact, is Everything is an Offer.  That attitude of gratitude and acceptance is very powerful.  I need to keep it in mind more often – especially as my kids become teenagers. More

Where’s the Gap?: Unemployment and Education

Unemployment 3Purpose
Omaha’s unemployment rate is highest east of 72nd Street (American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate). Eight zip code areas are above the national unemployment rate of 6.7%. Many of these areas are two or even three times higher than Omaha’s unemployment rate of 4.0%. In Pilot Project Two we were able to identify education as one issue that may prevent the unemployed from obtaining employment. Pilot Project Three will focus on the role education has in employment as we work towards providing a better economy for all Omahans. More

It’s About Control

Facilitation SkillsI was a guest facilitator at a Heartland 2050 vision committee meeting.  This was an opportunity to experience facilitating a meeting that another person had designed and set up.  I would also discover the benefits and challenges of facilitating someone else’s meeting. More

Accepting Gifts

Everything is an OfferWe recently completed two days of facilitator training which involved some intense, messy, and difficult work.  Training continues to be invigorating and draining at the same time.  Since we’ll be going back for more training in a few weeks, I’d like to reflect on how facilitator training has changed me in ways I didn’t expect.


Refugees and Public Transportation

Refugees and Public Transportation 2Purpose Statement: Refugees in our community may face challenges while navigating Omaha’s public transportation system.  Raising awareness may lead to changes in public transportation, orientation for refugees, and increased knowledge of Omaha’s public transportation system.

Goal: We will convene a community discussion to explore the issue of public transportation for refugees in Omaha.  We hope that this exploratory discussion might develop connections between city services, Metro Transit, representatives of the refugee population, refugee community leaders, refugee service organizations, and others. More

Failure IS an Option

At the end of the second day of intense facilitator training, we were asked to write about what we had gotten out of the experience.  I wrote about the benefits of taking risks.  I reflected on my fellow FIT (Facilitator-in-Training) Team Members who boldly got up in front of others – some volunteered to be first; some tried a technique that no one else had done; some volunteered to do one thing which ended up being a different thing; some volunteered to mediate a heated argument; and some taught us new games.  Some appeared confident while others appeared nervous.  Everyone, throughout those training days, took risks.  They stood up, stepped in, stood out, and tried different things. More

Staff Day 2013 – Deirdre

As an introvert, Staff Day leaves me feeling both ambiguous and conflicted.  I always feel the day’s energy from interacting with others. The activities this year, especially the final facilitation exercise, raised my day’s energy level.  But I also feel drained and headachy from interacting with others.  I expect these conflicting feelings to continue as I embark on more of this facilitation journey.  The ideas and energy will exhilarate me followed by emotional drainage and headaches.  I know the headache will pass so I try to focus on the ideas and energy. More