I Want to Be in a Meeting Like That!

I Want to Be in a Meeting Like That!When I was called downtown to talk to Theresa Jehlik I wondered what that was all about.  She inquired about my interest in becoming a member of a new FIT Team.  I thought, “Sure, I guess I’m game for anything…”  I had already attended some meetings facilitated by Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford at Omaha Public Library.  I was impressed how confident and comfortable they were in their facilitator roles.  They acted like they had known us all our lives!  These “meetings” didn’t always seem like a “meeting” in the traditional sense because they weren’t!  By using games and activities to bring people together (I mean EVERYONE, even the traditionally shy and reserved people who never spoke), everyone was thoroughly engaged and loved it.  There was a great sense of play, camaraderie, and connection that made the time fun, memorable, and productive.  My staff who attended facilitated meetings returned to the branch more energized and shared the experience!  I want to be in meetings like that!  I want to help facilitate meetings like that! More

Prisoner Reentry – Family and Friends of Inmates

Prisoner Reentry 4Purpose

Nebraska state prisons are 53% over capacity.  Proposed legislation to lessen this overcrowding would result in more former convicts reentering the community.  While many groups are working to address the impact and needs of ex-inmates, there is no nexus for reentry information and services.  Uniform awareness of and access to services and increased communication between service providers would allow these groups to strengthen their services.  Stronger services would lead to more positive reentry outcomes.  The Omaha community would grow stronger by reducing unemployment and recidivism and fortifying families. More

Hopes and Dreams for North 24th Street

North 24th Street 3I had an opportunity to plan and facilitate a lunch meeting to discuss a North 24th Street Walking Tour sponsored by the Charles B. Washington Branch on January 29th.  After sending out Google Calendar invitations and getting a good response, I expected 25 people to attend.  Only 12 showed up.  Two more people came after the meeting ended so I had a lot of food left over.  I did not send out a “reminder” email as I figured we were adults.  If we say we are going to do something or be somewhere, we do something or are somewhere. Right?  Wrong. More

Lone Tree Foods

Lone Tree Foods 2Purpose

The local community can benefit from innovative food movements by harnessing collaboration between local food producers and buyers.

Goal Statement

Facilitate the first part of a Lone Tree Foods meeting to understand their hopes and aspirations for how food is grown and eaten in the local community.  Create collaborations and connections among the Lone Tree Foods members so they can become a stronger community organization. More