A Completely Different Person

Completely New PersonAlthough a lot has changed over the last year and a half of FIT Team training for me, little of it is concrete or easily defined.  Unlike other FIT Team members, I haven’t changed jobs and haven’t had any major life changes.  I feel like a completely different person.  I’m more confident, more outspoken, and more forgiving of myself which is a result of my time on the FIT Team.  I really think a couple of experiences provide the best example of how I’ve been helped by the training we went through and the team that formed. More

Talent Drain (Outmigration of Young Professionals in Omaha)

Talent Drain 2Purpose Statement

Omaha is facing a loss of talented employees and a mis-match of education versus job needs that is affecting our employment market.   Omaha is not attracting or retaining employees for a variety of reasons.  This issue is causing both short and long-term concerns from key organizations such as the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, the Heartland 2050 project, and the Greater Omaha Young Professionals.  Local organizations recognize that a meeting needs to be dedicated to this topic, key players identified, and action items designated. More

Aging in Place Conversation

Aging at Home 1Micki Dietrich and I led a conversation with community members who are involved with senior care and specifically interested in “aging in place” at the Abrahams Branch Library Meeting Room on October 29th.  Nebraska has a significant and growing population of aging adults (including baby boomers).  Many of these adults would prefer to age at home.  According to the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Center for Public Affairs and Research, the number of Nebraskans over 65 will grow more than 30% by 2020.  At this current rate of growth, services for this population will be stretched beyond their limits.  Since Douglas County has many agencies that offer services to aging adults, it would be beneficial for these organizations to streamline services and work together to provide new services.  Micki and I proposed to convene a meeting of key Douglas County organizations working with senior living services to look for opportunities to create connections and develop new services. More