How the FIT Team Affected My Life

Being PresentWhen I first heard about the FIT Team at Staff Day 2013, I was immediately interested.  It was a chance to be part of a really exciting, unique opportunity and to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Other big selling points were the ideas that the library would facilitate discussions in the community and create a model for other libraries. More

It’s About Expectations

Facilitation SkillsThis was the first time I had facilitated a meeting that wasn’t an internal Omaha Public Library group or a FIT Team pilot project.  I thought the June 11th Heartland 2050 meeting would be a good opportunity to practice my facilitation skills.  I wouldn’t have to worry about details like inviting participants, planning the agenda, and other tasks. More

Unemployment East of 72nd Street

Unemployment 3Purpose

When we looked at the ACS (American Community Survey) 5-year estimates, Omaha’s unemployment rate is highest east of 72nd Street.  Eight zip code areas are above the national unemployment rate of 6.7%.  Many areas are two or even three times higher than Omaha’s unemployment rate of 4.0 %.  We hope to identify issues that prevent the unemployed from finding jobs and work towards a better economy for Omaha east of 72nd Street. More

Recycling in Omaha

Recycling 1Purpose

Not all Omaha residents have convenient access to free recycling services.  They are often unaware of how to recycle nontraditional materials.  Increasing access and awareness will make it effortless for more people to recycle and help create a greener, more sustainable community. More