Where’s the Gap?: Unemployment and Education

Unemployment 3Purpose
Omaha’s unemployment rate is highest east of 72nd Street (American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate). Eight zip code areas are above the national unemployment rate of 6.7%. Many of these areas are two or even three times higher than Omaha’s unemployment rate of 4.0%. In Pilot Project Two we were able to identify education as one issue that may prevent the unemployed from obtaining employment. Pilot Project Three will focus on the role education has in employment as we work towards providing a better economy for all Omahans. More

Voter Education in Douglas County

Voter EducationPurpose

Douglas County is growing fast.  City, county, and district lines are constantly changing.  This can lead to voter confusion within the community that leads to lower voter turnout.  If Douglas County residents are educated on issues such as who can vote in which elections; who their representatives are; when elections take place; where to vote; how to register; and how to find information about candidates, barriers to voting can be reduced and lead to greater community involvement and increased voter turnout. More

Low Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout 1

After some brainstorming, Anna Wilcoxon and I decided to hold a discussion about voter turnout.  This issue is very relevant to the City of Omaha.  Our goal was to convene a meeting to connect citizens and discuss what prevents registered voters from actually casting their votes.  Our purpose would be to identify the conditions that prevent two-thirds of registered voters from voting.  This conversation would lead to a better election process for the City of Omaha. More

Facilitation Meets the Staffing Committee

Facilitation Rules PhotoI had a great experience (and overcame some challenges) facilitating the Omaha Public Library’s Staffing Committee meeting on October 1st.

I’d facilitated meetings with middle and high school students as a volunteer for a non-profit organization and as a Young Adult Library Specialist for my job.  I’d never facilitated a meeting where I wasn’t directly involved with the participants or the topic being discussed.  So, I was, of course, a little nervous going into this meeting. More