Improving Online Access

Online Access 2Purpose Statement

Important government, business, and community services are increasingly available exclusively or, most conveniently, online.  These services are easy to access for people who possess the necessary equipment and technology skills.  However, the people who need these services the most are often the ones least equipped to access them.  By creating conditions that make it easier for people to access online services we can ensure that people will be able to access the services they need. More

Low Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout 1

After some brainstorming, Anna Wilcoxon and I decided to hold a discussion about voter turnout.  This issue is very relevant to the City of Omaha.  Our goal was to convene a meeting to connect citizens and discuss what prevents registered voters from actually casting their votes.  Our purpose would be to identify the conditions that prevent two-thirds of registered voters from voting.  This conversation would lead to a better election process for the City of Omaha. More