A Community Conversation Model

Community Engagement 2016When OPL began this project, our grant consultants modeled a facilitated community conversation with staff members.  The group consisted of one or two staff members from each of our 12 locations.  The community was defined as the Omaha Public Library system.  After the conversation, the participants were asked to replicate the model at their own locations.  Those that repeated the structured conversation reported a positive experience with their co-workers.  Common agreement points were that “staff needs to be engaged first before the community can be [engaged]” and “work to make sure staff is in place that cares about OPL and furthering its goals”.

The detailed agenda with facilitation tips follows.  Feel free to use this model for your own community conversations.  All you have to do is substitute the community’s name for the words library, OPL, branch, and Omaha.      More