What Counts Gets Measured: Part 2

Measure 2Since breaking our program statistic categories into Program, Outreach, and Community Engagement in January 2013, we’ve encountered a few situations where numbers are double-counted.  These situations have included staff members from different branches working with a community partner; branch staff working on a system-wide event; and staff from different locations attending/participating/working a community event.  After much discussion, the following decisions were made about reporting numbers for a more accurate count. More

What Counts Get Measured: Part 1

Measure 2Although I love Albert Einstein’s statement, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”,  our society is obsessed with numbers and measurements.  As we move more deeply into the era of “Big Data”, that obsession will only deepen and grow.  Most library statistics are outputs tied to easily countable things.  How many programs happened at Saddlebrook Branch?  How many people attended the Historical Mystery Book Club at A.V. Sorensen Branch?  How many people signed up for Summer Reading Program at Willa Cather Branch? More