Community Engagement “Happens” at a Book Club Meeting

The Whistleblower book coverThe Experience

The Willa Cather Book Club has met monthly to discuss a fiction or nonfiction book since 1999.  The group currently has 12 members who range in age from 35 to 85.  Their life experiences include teaching GED classes at the county jail; nursing in the Vietnam War;  raising large families in small houses; teaching at the university level; working at the Nebraska Humane Society; and following a husband to extended jobs in China and Saudi Arabia.  One member brings her 12 year old daughter if she (Mom) feels the book being discussed is appropriate for that age level. More

Failure IS an Option

At the end of the second day of intense facilitator training, we were asked to write about what we had gotten out of the experience.  I wrote about the benefits of taking risks.  I reflected on my fellow FIT (Facilitator-in-Training) Team Members who boldly got up in front of others – some volunteered to be first; some tried a technique that no one else had done; some volunteered to do one thing which ended up being a different thing; some volunteered to mediate a heated argument; and some taught us new games.  Some appeared confident while others appeared nervous.  Everyone, throughout those training days, took risks.  They stood up, stepped in, stood out, and tried different things. More